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Spend All the Time With Your Lover But Don’t Neglect Work, A Boss Once Said- PART 2

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By Itty Okopide

This is a follow up article. To read the previous article, pls click here

Also, with a surprised look, Jenny told me the fashion assistant began to apologise to her boss that she didn’t mean to neglect work but she had to spend time with her family.

I thought I didn’t hear correctly so I asked Jenny if her colleague used the phrase, “neglect work.” Yes she did. I guess that’s where the problem starts. What exactly is she apologising for? Does she really owe him an explanation? She wasn’t wrong for deciding not to work during the weekends. I want employers to know that we are doing them a great favour  by working on weekends.

I had to ask Jenny if it was ever stated in her letter of employment that she would be required to work on weekends. No, was the answer. I asked again if employees were paid to work over the weekend and she said no. Now you have it!

I told Jenny my opinion. I don’t think it is bad to ask your employees to work for you during the weekends. The problem here would be how egocentric he was. Her boss sounded entitled. I feel like employees should have the weekends to themselves and if they work extra hours, then they should be paid for it.

However, as employees, we understand how tasking most jobs can be, so we want to put in our best to produce something we can be proud of. That is why we don’t grumble when there is work to do, at any given time.

Let’s not forget those who love their jobs and have passion for what they do. Regardless of what is being said, fair or unfair, they would not fault their boss.

It is not bad for my boss to request that I work during the weekends, but it is unnecessary to make such statements (whatever that was) and also sound entitled towards my time.

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