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South Africans threatens #NationalShutdown Over Fuel Price Hike

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South Africans are set to embark on nationwide protest that may ground national activities in the country, if the fuel price hike issue is not resolved.

The possible protest which is gaining force on twitter might actually occurs if bodies like, Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), A South African political party agrees to participate.

The African country have been struggling with fuel price hike, high unemployment and economic decline.
A liter of fuel in the country is now sold at R23.845 and has put it around 40% more expensive than it was last year, a development that has subjected President Cyril Ramaphosa administration to heavy criticisms by its people.

South Africa’s flag

As if that was not enough, the national government has already announced that a liter would soon be sold for R25 which has put citizens in distress.

According to source South African electricity public organization has been on strike for the past two weeks now, which has turned the country into two weeks of power failure.  

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Austin Okeke a Nigerian lawyer and resident in Cape town said;

“Today it’s (the fuel price per liter) over R23. In two days’ time it will be over R25. Last year it was about R18. Government announced it already. Eskom the NEPA equivalent is on strike already. And there has been power outage for over 2 weeks now. Other sectors will go on strike soon.”

National shutdown has been trendy on twitter among South Africans.

Nwgana Ngwato @ipsmok tweeted: “This fuel price increase ya today calls for a #NationalShutdown. This is unacceptable, how do you as someone who swore to serve the people stand in front of them and announce such?”

DuMisane @Dumisane_rsa said: “Cyril Ramaphosa Mgodoyi has failed everything, he promised people who elected him. No accountability. Bad economy. No jobs. Eskom crisis. Privatisation of SOEs. #NationalShutdown.”

“It’s high time the #NationalShutdown is implemented, not just on our phones. #PetrolDieselPriceHike is out of our hand, we can’t continue like this as a country,” Zwonaka Tshivhase @mylight_zt said.





Source: Vangard, 5 July 2022, https://www.vanguardngr.com/2022/07/south-africans-planning-nationalshutdown-protest-over-fuel-hike-price-others/

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