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Soldiers and Amotekun Clash Over Cows

by Austin Areh
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These Nigerian youths  that are used in different parts of the state to cause chaos and mischief , with such economical empowerment therefore have more opportunity to abuse that unwarranted power, and decide to take the wars on themselves to continue to prove supremacy.

For people who have been in office before , I honestly feel his interest at this moment should be to act on an advisory role , and over see the growth of the state, other than have a face off with the current people in office , there has to be a high level of awareness to inform Youths that growth is a continuous process.

There are to be policies in place to check the excessive use of power by public servants who are supposed to be charged with the goal to protect lives and properties as well as being an institution of clarity in government. However there are reports that there has been a clash between The Army and members of Amotekun over the control of cows that were found grazing on peoples farm lands.

Further more , members of the the Ondo State Security Network Agency and military men  on April 4th, 2022, were at loggerheads in Akure, over the arrest of about 100 cows that violated the state anti-grazing law, a law that many states have passed in recent times to check the rising rates of banditry. The  officials of Amotekun responded to calls from farmers in the Oke-Aro area of Akure, sharing their detest over the destruction of their farmlands by some herdsmen and their cows.

In response, the Amotekun officials rushed to the scene of the incident and arrested the cows and their owners on the farms while the farmers alleged the cows to have destroyed farmlands and other valuables in the area but they were prevented by soldiers who are reportedly from the 32 Artillery Bridage, Akure, Ondo State.


The soldiers claimed that the cows belonged to their superiors in the barracks and didn’t want the Amotekun officers to take the cows away, this led to a physical scuffle which also led to gunshots being fired. The solders were said to have taken two of the security officers with them.

The state Commander of Amotekun, Chief Adetunji Adeleye went on to state that the issue had been resolved amicably, and that the officers that were taken in custody by the soldiers have also been released to him.


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