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Six Types Of Business Owners; Which Are You?

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Evolution has happened to businesses and this has caused a lot of alteration in the way businesses are handled. Recently, the trend has been about business trying to come out of the old way of running things and follow the new changes. It is obviously a good thing for a business to evolve as things in its sector change.

When there is a trend, there are always different reactions from people. It is the same for entrepreneurs; different reactions. Lets assemble these varying reactions into “Six types of Business Owners. You might want to know what category you belong to.

The Apathetic Business Owner: This business owner does not care if the brand gets better or not. You might be wondering, “why would an entrepreneur not want a better brand?”. Here is a simple answer; everyone wants a better Nigeria but many put little or no effort into it. This is exactly what apathy is. An entrepreneur who puts little or no effort does not care about the brand really.

The “Burlesquer” Business Owner: Do you always look out for what your competitors are doing and want to do exactly the same? If it’s a yes, then you belong to this category. As a business owner, as much as competitor analysis is important, you should not do exactly the same as your competitors. Every business must bear in mind the “Unique Selling Proposition” Idea. This makes your brand stand out.

The Dogged Business Owner: In this category are entrepreneurs who are persistent and steady. If you are so dedicated to making a better brand, then you belong here. Here is where you find business owners who set goals and stop at nothing to meet their targets. They see opportunities, seize them and bring solutions to the table.

The Difficult Business Owner: Do you thrash every idea you get to build your brand? Do you think every effort of branding is a waste? If yes, this is your table. Business owners like this drive their employees to nuts. They have unaligned vision and mission and still expect their workers to deliver. They take no responsibility for failures but are quick to own success.

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The Social Media Business Owner: This type of entrepreneur believes all that there is to a business is to build social media pages and always run social media ads. As much as social media is a very vital platform for brands in this digital age, it is not all that you should invest in. There are so many other sides to your brand more than your social media presence.

The Masterly Business Owner: This group of business owners are the accomplished ones. They have invested their time and energy into their brand. You identify them by their tenacity, how much they are able to take risks. As much as they have accomplished a lot, they are still committed.

Which of these business owners are you and how do you intend to get better or keep going?

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