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Six APC Chairmanship Aspirants Drop Off From The Race

by Nuel Emuebie
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What I have come to understand is that sometimes public office holders are not completely the problem, because some of them go there with good intentions and values but when they have other type of people, who have the mindset of , eating from the national cake, then their job is made extra hard because they have to also add the roles of checks and balances to see that what ever they have released funds for a well utilized.

In many cases, supervision is really the problem in the Nigerian scenario because we really don’t have issues with creating funds internally. When it is time for disbursement, you see people at each level determine who gets what, with their own criteria. Some will say they want to empower people in their political parties, others will say it’s their churches, to some it is their locality and for others, another unimportant criteria because the only qualification required when it comes to helping the masses is that we all belong to the same country, Nigeria, and it should totally stop there.

While many wonder the outcome of the next elections in 2023 , there has been issues bordering around who will become the next chairman of the APC, something many suspect to be a future cause of discord in the party, before the intervention of President Buhari, however there is an update that six of the aspirants have dropped their Intents to become APC chairman. The ones that have dropped their Chairmanship ambition are Sen. Tanko Al-Makura, Sen George Akume, Abudulaziz Yari, Sen. Mohammed Musa, Mohammed Saidu Etsu and Turaki Saliu Mustapha.


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