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Shocking Facts About Six Monarchs Before Queen Elizabeth II

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Prior to the wielding of the scepter by Queen Elizabeth II, the British empire has beheld other monarchs and she is the one who wielded the scepter the longest. The United Kingdom was ruled by eleven monarchs before the popular Queen Elizabeth II. The death of Queen Elizabeth II came in as a shock to the whole world.

Let’s take a dive into the lives of the first six monarchs before Queen Elizabeth II and shocking things about them.

One shocking thing about Queen Anne was that despite 17 pregnancies, she died having no child. She was also tormented by illness for a good time of her life. She ruled the British empire for a period of 12 years. She lived for 49 years. She was succeeded by her second cousin, George because she had no offspring to sit on the throne after her.

He was nicknamed “Lucky George” because it was very unlikely for him to become the monarch after Queen Anne. He also had a mistress who was more of a queen than his wife, Sophia. He had three children with his mistress. King George got legally married to his first cousin, Sophia.

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King George II was the last British Monarch born out of Britain. While in his 30s, he had an issue with his father which led to his restrictions from the royal residence. King George II led his troops against France at the Battle of Dettingen in June 1743 and this marked the last time a British King led his troops into battle.

He happens to be one of the longest reigning monarchs in British history after reigning for 60 years. George III had 15 children with his wife, Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz. He was the first to be born in Britain and also the first to use English as a first language. He was the first king to study science as part of his education. He was also a king who showed deep interest in agriculture.

He is known as the “first gentleman of Europe” because he had elegant manners and was also influenced by cultures around the continent. He was popularly known because of the extravagant lifestyle he lived. He weighed 7 pounds (111kg) at death. He had health issues at a point in his life because he indulged badly in food and drinks. He finally died after a bowel movement that was mixed with blood.

He was succeeded in the UK by his niece as all his eight surviving children were illegitimate. He became King at the age of 64, making him the oldest person to ascend on the throne as at his time. He was nicknamed “Sailor King” and “Silly Billy”. He was the third son of George III and younger brother and successor to George IV.

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