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Scottish Power Nigeria Limited: Foremost Pipers In Nigeria

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Scottish Power Nigeria Ltd a.k.a the Pipers

Founded over a decade ago, Scottish Power Nigeria Limited also known as the Pipers is the brainchild of Pipe major Chukwu Obakalu who aims to promote bagpipes music during events in Nigeria.

Born out of his passion for the Scottish Great Highland Bagpipes, the most popular bagpipes in the world, Pipe Major Chukwu hopes to make the Scottish Bagpipes even more popular in Nigeria and the rest of African countries.

The Pipers perform and entertain at events such as weddings, funerals, product campaigns/ launch, investitures, school graduations and convocations, Golf tournaments, dinner and awards events, and other types of events.

They also offer musical band training to the Police, the Army, the Airforce and other paramilitary forces and individuals who desire to know how to play the bagpipes.

Founder, Scottish Nigeria Ltd, the Pipers. Pipe Major Chukwu Obakalu

Founder, Scottish Power Nigeria Ltd, Pipe Major Chukwu Obakalu

According to Mr. Chukwu, he used to play and enjoys playing the bagpipe so he decided to take it as a business. However, he got motivated by a Scottish man who lives in America, Oliver Feeler. He was his business partner.

Although Mr. Chukwu did not travel down to Scotland to learn how to play the bagpipe, his passion for the instrument paved the way for him. Playing and teaching the Great bagpipes are what he enjoys doing.

Scottish Power Nigeria Limited also known as the Pipers is a unique brand that is dedicated to promoting the art of bagpipe music in Nigeria. With their high-quality performances and unique costumes, they are slowly but surely making the bagpipe more popular in Nigeria.

Not only are they promoting the adoption of the Great bagpipes in the Nigerian culture but have also become a way to showcase Scottish culture in Nigeria.

As a pioneer of a new tide in the procession of the Nigerian event, the Pipers face several challenges, but they remain committed to their vision of creating a cultural and musical revolution in the country.

Their aim to incorporate pipe music into different genres of music is a bold and innovative step. With their passion and commitment, they are set to achieve their goals and establish themselves as the leading brand in the country.

During performances at events such as weddings, funerals, birthdays, etc, the instruments, and costumes the band adopts always stand out. This, according to Mr. Chukwu often earns them referral contracts from the event attendees and well-wishers who are left entertained and satisfied by their colorful performance.

The costumes the band wear are made from Tartan which is worn by the Scottish Royal Steel Clan and imported from Scotland. The costumes include; a kilt and vest, sporran, kilt belt, buckle, ghillie brogues, and the Glengarry bonnet.

Each element of the costume has its own significance, and the overall effect is one of strength, pride, and respect. The Tartan is the oldest material in the world hence its adoption as a choice of costume. The uniqueness of the instrument and costumes is one of the reasons for adoption.

The bagpipes are a noble instrument. They were initially used in Scotland in military settings, where they served as a means of communicating orders and coordinating troops on the battlefield.

A full band consists of 19 pipers led by the Pipe major. The number of pipers to perform at an event depends largely on the type of event. For example; at a funeral, 17 pipers perform. Meanwhile, a minimum of 2 pipers can perform at an event.

Even though the services of the Pipers are mostly in demand by high-end individuals, members of the Scottish Power Nigeria Limited occasionally attend a couple of events where they perform for free as a complimentary performance.

The goal of the Pipers is to promote the use of the bagpipes procession during events in Nigeria and make it as popular as other forms of entertainment. They also plan to ensure that at least a paramilitary body has the pipers as part of their music units.

Also, they aim to encourage young people to engage in piper training and inculcate pipe music into all sectors and organizations in Nigeria.

The bagpipe is a musical wind instrument of Celtic origin. They are used at various occasions around the world including weddings, funerals, military ceremonies, and festivals.

However, because of the critical nature of the instruments, learners need to dedicate a lot of time to the training. Students begin by first perfecting playing other flute-like instruments before they can begin to play the pipes.

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