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Sanwo Olu’s Second Term Uncertain , As GAC Stays Silent

by Austin Areh
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The application of apt wisdom on matters that resonate very high levels of emotion is very important in dealing with issues that affect the general state of mind of a nation. Humans are advised to always apply emotional intelligence to balance up their speech, with the effect that may arise from the speech made due to their emotional state of mind at a point in time.

It is wise to say that the most occurring issues in religion, ethnic or other fronts, have always risen to conflict due to the nature through which leaders who are supposed to stare the course of the nation into peace and growth, which can only come from stability and the spirit of nationalism. While many people are anticipating the caliber of politicians that will present themselves for different political positions .

It has been reported that the Governor’s Advisory Council is yet to meet and discuss the possibility of Sanwo Olu having a second term. It has been said that Tinubu who presented Sanwo Olu to the APC , has shown different levels of uncertainty in terms of helping him achieve a second term ambition. The GAC is seen as the highest decision making organ of the APC , and there are speculations that if this continues , Sanwo Olu may have to seek his ticket in another political party.

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