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Russia and Ukraine Begin Peace Talks in Istanbul

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Representatives of both the Governments of Russia and Ukraine are set for face to face talks in Istanbul today.

According to reports, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey told the negotiators that “the whole world is waiting for good news from you.”

The talks which are taking place in the Dolmabahce palace in Istanbul are aimed to end the ongoing war between both countries. The war which is in it’s 34th day has forced over millions of people from their homes and killed an estimated 20,000 people.

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The United Nations reports that more than 3.8 million people have fled Ukraine since the war began.

“The two parties have legitimate concerns. It’s possible to reach a solution acceptable to the international community,” Erdogan also added.

“It’s up to the two parties to put an end to this tragedy,” he insisted, adding that the “extension of the conflict is in no one’s interest”

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