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Rome to Introduce Flying Taxis Into City From Airport

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Rome introduces flying taxis

Rome will introduce flying taxis into the city for passengers from 2024. This will  be a combined project between the company operating the main airport and a German startup.

The startup, known as, Volocopter hopes to make the Fiumicino Airport a pioneer site for the rotor-bladed, battery-powered two-seater air taxi it is developing. The Aeroporti di Roma CEO, Marco Troncone said the journey in one of the craft which takes off and lands vertically, will take around 15 minutes, compared with the usual 45 minutes or more by car.

He added that the initial fare for the ride will be about 150 euros and promised a price drop as the service becomes more mainstream. “The connection will be very swift. It will be a silent journey and the level of emissions will be zero.”

Volocopter which was founded in 2011 will acquire a commercial air license from the European Aviation Safety Agency within three years and then start operations.

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