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Richest Man In The World-Jeff Bezos

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Jeff Bezos has gone down in History as the first individual in History to amass a fortune of $200 billion since Forbes have been tracking networth; something that has been ongoing for 40 years.

As at Wednesday, Amazon’s stock rose by 2% making his net worth increase by a whopping $4.9 billion. Thus cementing his position as the first individual ever to amass a $200 billion fortune .

His total net worth at the moment stands at $204.6 billion, nearly $90 billion more than Bill Gates whose net worth stands at $116.1 billion.

According to Forbes, Amazon’s stock went up by 80% owing to the unprecedented demand from consumers turning to online retailers for basic necessities; this was a direct impact of the Corona Virus pandemic.

As at January, Jeff Bezos net worth stood roughly at $115 billion, January 1st. He owns 11% stake in Amazon and this makes up more than 90% of his fortune. Aside from Amazon, Jeff Bezos is also the owner of Washington Post, Aerospace company Blue Origin.

Jeff would have been richer than he currently is if he hadn’t gone through the most expensive divorce settlement in history; when he split from his ex- wife MacKenzie Scott in July 2019. He gave her 25% of his Amazon stake.

It should be pointed out that a chunk of that stake currently worth $63 billion. MacKenzie at the moment is the 14th richest person in the world and 2nd richest woman after Françoise Bettencourt Meyers. Despite the fact that she gave out $1.7 billion in charity. Her personal wealth is pegged at $66 billion.

Amazon currently worth $1.7 trillion making it the 2nd most valuable company in the United States trailing behind Apple.

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