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Remains of Dr. Chinelo Megafu Flown To Lagos

by Austin Areh
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If you were accustomed to the old cameras that had to operate using film , you’ll discover that for a better picture to come from a photographer, the negatives have to be washed, and then goes through a process to become a final product, and this is also likened to gold, in this case, it has to go through flames to become finer, and priceless. All of these analogies lead us to discussing about people who have potentials to hold very sensitive positions in the drive for our country to become one of the worlds super Powers, and they are the Youth.

This is because Nigeria is a blessed state  , with very enterprising youths from different sections of the country, who need direction and support to make their dreams into reality. However in recent times , the security issues have made people ask questions about the safety of her citizens, and how the government needs to pay more attention to details that affect the general well being of the Nigerian citizens, this will create a momentum for growth and development.

With the sad occurrence of the  train Station attacks which led to loss of lives and many victims getting kidnapped, one of the youths that lost her life , Dr. Chinelo Megafu , a promising youth who was shot ; her body is enroute Lagos via Air. The doctor ,who is the  daughter of Mr Ifeanyi and Akonam Megafu of UmuAse village , Anambra State and a graduate from the University of PortHarcourt, had posted on Twitter about getting shot by the terrorists and asked for prayers but people thought she was chasing clout.

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