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President Buhari Saved APC, Orji Kalu Speaks Out

by Austin Areh
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The Nigerian democratic system is seen to be taking baby steps, but we must note that these steps in recent times has led to so many conversations as to what direction we may face at the end of the day because for any system to survive there must be continuity, and this is based on the people who are handed the principles as custodians of that certain school of thought. Let’s take it down a notch, we realise that in the Nigerian system, everyone has been complaining about the way leaders are recycled and returned to us in elections, and how we really desire to see new faces and personalities in elections other than the same set of people in different platforms or political parties.

Such direction sounds like an interesting place to stick to but I start to question myself on the possibility of our generation getting the chance, but not use it effectively to grow the system that can favor a large number of people. If we are truthful to ourselves, the people that are empowered by the people in government are mainly people from our generation, but we do not see their effectiveness even when they are given portfolio’s of being Special advisers and aides to these elected political leaders, or maybe the real issue is that they misunderstand the concept of Loyalty, and depend solely on being yes men to take care of their daily bread, or make they and their family and friends comfortable enough, but this act alone, destroys the process because they are the tools to empower the next generation with skills and resources to learn and earn political positions by merit.

While the APC has been in power since 2015, recently there has been cases of internal issues due to the chairmanship position , and the rising number of aspirants within the party. An APC member , Orji Kalu has informed the general public that President Buhari’s intervention has saved the party.

In his words “I want to sincerely commend President Muhammadu Buhari for his quick and timely intervention in resolving the crises that rocked our great party.

“His intervention by inviting the various caucuses, stakeholders and leaders has brought in calm and unassuming peace which has rescued our party from disharmony,” Kalu informed the media.

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