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Preserving Culture And Identity

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Lagos State Deputy Governor, Dr. Kadri Obafemi Hamzat, emphasized that understanding our culture is key to self-discovery and empowerment.

Speaking at the New Egbe Chieftaincy Palace dedication, the Deputy Governor said culture helps us unlock our potential and embrace our African identity.

He noted that as a people it is important for us to understand our culture and language so that it won’t go into extinction.

Hamzat said, “There are certain things you can’t translate into English. We need to let our language be known to our children. Let our children understand that is who we are. We are not Western people. We are Africans and therefore our African culture, our African language must be pre-eminent”.

He stated that Lagos State has launched programs to preserve and pass on culture, language, and tradition.

“We found out that a few of our children can’t even speak our language. I think that if you don’t understand yourself, if you don’t know yourself it is a loss.  In Lagos, we focus on teaching culture, and I urge the Igbo, Hausa, and others to help their children understand our languages and identity,” he stated.

Hamzat described the new Chieftaincy Palace as essential regeneration due to the growing population and need for proper living environments.

He added that regeneration, as we all know, is important and as we are regenerating we are improving the lives of our children for a better tomorrow.

Chief Rafui Abayomi Olusi emphasized the project’s role as a global meeting point for Egbe members, offering local accommodations and fostering mutual understanding.

He called the Deputy Governor’s attendance at the palace dedication a homecoming, as he is part of the Egbe Chieftaincy Family.

In his word of exhortation, Imam Moshood Sanusi urged leaders and people in positions to serve with the fear of God, noting that there is no one greater than Allah.

He emphasized that fearing God is crucial in governance, stating that honoring God brings honor. Allah’s grace, not personal merit, grants positions of power, so leaders should serve with the fear of God and fairness to humanity.

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