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Praia To Become Cultural Hub Of Africa

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The city of Praia, located on the Archipelago island of Cabo Verde in West Africa, is striving to establish itself as the nation’s hub for cultural and heritage tourism.

With its rich tapestry of Cabo Verde’s history and past as a significant trading port during the trans-Atlantic slave trade, the city aims to establish itself as the ultimate destination within the islands of Cabo Verde.

Despite having a picturesque beachfront and abundant resources, the municipality of Praia in Santiago is making dedicated efforts to appeal to cultural and heritage enthusiasts.

The city has many places that exhibit the Morabeza (warmth) of the tropical island.

About two week ago, the municipality was the venue for both the Atlantic Music Expo and the renowned Kriol Jazz Festival.

As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, the event returned after three years and drew tourists, journalists, and music enthusiasts from all over the world to Praia.

The three-day festival was a thrilling celebration of music and a demonstration of Cabo Verde’s extraordinary musical prowess.

The President of the Municipality of Praia, Francisco Carvalho, stated during the event that his office aims to establish Praia as the cultural hub of Africa by highlighting music and heritage as its main attractions.

“We want to put Praia on the map of tourism. We want people to know Praia and what we have here; our strong cultural programs all year round.”

“We have different events related to music, gastronomy and we want people to know about this and to come here to visit because we really like to receive people here and to show what we have in the field of culture,” Francisco Carvalho assured.

In addition, he mentioned several other noteworthy events that are sure to captivate visitors, such as the Festival of Gaboa in May, as well as another festival taking place in April, and another happening in December.

“We have something in December. The name in Portuguese is Nolan Knight White Knight because people go to the street on white dresses and we have music gastronomy.

“Right now we are creating something new and with the support of stakeholders and everyone we can position Praia as the center of diversity and a melting pot in Africa.

“We also have heritage. This is something that we really want to do here in Praia,” the president of the municipality of Praia said.

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