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Police to Invite Lady For Questioning on Unnatural Offenses

by Austin Areh
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While many believe that the moral decadence in our society is the crux of every social ill rising up currently, there is more awareness across social issues as the rise of social media has brought forth certain things to the spotlight, including negative vices.

In response to the viral topic , where it has been insinuated that certain people have intimate relations with animals in exchange for monetary favors, a lady also came out to claim that there was no issue with such actions . However  , Olumuyiwa Adejobi, the PRO of the Nigerian Police force, has attributed that the person who claimed that after sleeping with a dog , she was paid about 1. 1 Million Naira , will further be invited by the police for questioning .

In the video , lady was quoted to say the following ,

“What is the big deal there? I only slept with a dog, I didn’t kill somebody. You, in your life, you have done worse and besides, have you seen N1.7million before?

All is this is happening after she was criticized by many people , and herself hereby saying she didn’t mean her words.

For more clarity , The PRO enjoined the public to report ladies who are involved in such acts, as it is themed “ unnatural offense” in his words furthermore.

”I really want us to take necessary action on these ladies that are involved in Unnatural offences and post same online. We want to urge you to give us any useful information  on how to get these babes. We need to fish them out please”

Olumuyiwa said whether or not the ladies were joking, they must be brought in for questioning. He also highlighted this as an offense in a tweet shared later on where he stated clearly that it was a crime in Nigeria and also attracted its own Jail term.

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