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Police Procures Drones and Other Tech Equipments

by Austin Areh
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When we argue about how the country has become economically hard to live in, we should remember that everybody has a role to play in this, from the leaders to the masses , no one is exempted, this is because Nigerians have learnt to become unnecessarily exploitative and always want to build from one negative thing or the other, and make a mountain out of a mole.

For example, do you know that when there is serious traffic on routes in Lagos, the bus fares automatically increase, this means that, a common man that has budgeted his transport fare at a particular amount, may have to treck some miles to his office and back, because the danfo drivers choose to exploit the prices due to traffic, in that situation, is Buhari involved? Or is Sanwo Olu involved? The answer is no, we are our own problems.

Just like social construction is everybody’s job, the case of security is also on that list , we need to advance our scope of reasoning to understand that community security application must be inculcated into our daily routines. With the current state of attacks in the society , the Nigerian police has announced the Acquisition of equipments to handle the rise of insurgency.

Muyiwa Adejobi, the Police Spokesperson has announced that there has been purchase of high-powered Unmanned Aerial Vehicles which are known as drones. The drones are configured  to cover up to 150km in a single flight and last for about 50 hours of operation.

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