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Police Plan Strike for May 1st.

by Austin Areh
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Over time, certain occurrences  totally shows that life is always about the knowledge of things, and knowledge can come through experience, because you learn these things subconsciously and if you are attentive enough, then you can use it to your advantage , even if you’re not well kitted for that mission, this does not glorify the fact that the driver should use such cars on the road in any way, because it endangers everyone’s life, but what I was able to deduce from that experience also is that, for you to know your onions, you may need to be the farmer.

You can never assume an outcome unless you go on a journey and see things for yourself because it takes alot of character to attempt a process as many people have turned to commentators and critics, even when they have never ventured in aspirations of their own, to me, that’s the real problem in Nigeria.

It is important for everybody to have a level playing ground when it comes to vying for positions in government. And even public servants also need to be catered for , in other to make their everyday living , more realistic, in a recent development , The  Nigeria Police Force junior personnel have indicated  their intentions  to kick off a strike on May 1st, 2022

The concerned policemen had in March 2022 informed the public that they will initiate a warning strike to protest against poor working conditions, the low salaries and their general welfare plans.

In March 26th, 2022, A protest tagged “We are tired of negligence” was scheduled to be held at Eagles Square in Abuja which was to clarify their needs from the government. They also spoke about the deaths of their colleagues via terrorists and other social ills , and the lack of adequate compensation for the families of the slain officers. They also went further to state that the Nigerian government did not come through with their promises of increased salaries and provision of adequate equipments to check the state of insecurity.

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