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Personal Safety And Security Tips For The Yuletide Season

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It is that time of the year we all have been anticipating! It is the yuletide season and Christmas is just a few days away.

It is a widely known fact that the festive season is a perfect time for families, friends, and loved ones to bond and rebound with each other. It is a period that comes with a lot of buzzing and jollification with love, gifts, and fun memories to go around.

The highlight of this season is the numerous fun event line-ups and hangouts amongst people who have not seen each other in a long time. Many even go as far as vacationing to destress and unwind while some travel down to other states or cities to rebound with their families.

All these are fun until insecurity becomes an issue. Also the rate of kidnapping in the country is becoming alarming by the day with no solution in view. Hence in this article, we have highlighted some personal safety and security measures to take this yuletide season as we ‘holiday’ our way to the new year.

Be conscious of your surroundings 

As you are in the mood for celebration endeavour to keep your safety first, beginning with your surroundings. The more attention you pay to your immediate environment, the easier it becomes to notice any potential danger. Make this a priority either at your hangouts, vacations, hotels, place of work, or even in your house. Report any strange and suspicious movement to the appropriate authorities. 

Avoid hanging outs with strangers

The holiday season comes with a lot of hangouts and get-togethers. This is often one of the parts most people look forward to, especially the youth and young adults. Needless to say, social media has made it easier to meet new people on the internet. If you must hang out or go on a date with a stranger, ensure you carry out your findings about them and let your friends or family members know your location at all times.

Drive Safely

Accidents during the festive period are always on the increase and this often leaves people wondering why. I’m quite sure you are very familiar with the warning – don’t drink while driving. If you have not been taking this seriously, well it is high time you had a change of mind.  Reduce your alcohol intake as you party, and club out if you must drive. Avoid over-speeding whether you are driving within your city or across. 

Don’t reveal too much on social media

Whatever fun you plan to have this festive season, censor the type of information you reveal to strangers on social media. Don’t post your location while you are still at the occasion. Doing otherwise is inviting strangers who might not have good intentions to evade your safety and privacy. Also, try as much as possible not to post anything too extravagant on the internet. We know you want to do that for the Gram, but your safety is of great importance to us. Not even with the increased rate of insecurity and kidnapping in the country. 

Safe travel

If you plan to travel for the holiday, ensure to inform your trusted neighbours and friends and also inform them of your arrival as soon as you get to your destination. Avoid night traveling and lonely routes with high crime perpetration, especially kidnapping. Make sure to have your phone well charged with enough call airtime in case of emergency. Technology has given room for a cashless policy; this will save you the hurdle of traveling with a huge sum of money. 

Be financially disciplined

We know you plan to ‘oppress and impress this December and the rest of the festive season, but before you do that remember January is more than 62 days.  Don’t borrow money to do what you cannot afford. Spend within your budget. There was a December before this and there will still be many after. Be financially responsible!

Finally,  in whatever you do this Yuletide season, stay safe and avoid falling victim of kidnapping.

Hope this was helpful. Share with your friends. Sharing is caring!

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