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PDP Stalwart in Adamawa Blasts Wike

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Mr Mark Wosi, a PDP stalwart in Adamawa state has called out the Governor of Rivers State, Nyenson Wike by admonishing him to watch his steps. He claimed that Wike has refused to accept defeat and has also been causing unnecessary friction in the party.

Mark who happens to be a staunt follower of the PDP presidential candidate, Atiku Abubakar reminded Wike that the presidential candidate has gone ahead him in politics. He said that the fact that the Rivers state governor has been throwing tantrums shows how inexperienced he is in politics.

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Mr Mark urged to stop soiling the name of the party by calling out its members and also making unnecessary insinuations about them. He also said Wike had forgotten that defeat was a part of politics and his posture brings a wrong reputation to the party.

“It always surprises me to hear Wike making noise that he has been keeping and running the party in Atiku’s absence. Let me tell you before Wike thinks of becoming a member of PDP many people have been running the affairs of the party”. He stated that every presidential candidate has the right to choose a running mate.

Mr Mark warned Wike about going around claiming that it is the south’s turn to run for elections. He also stated how much contributions the PDP presidential candidate has made to the party. ” So what is the noise about? Atiku has been a founding and a funding member of PDP, running the affairs of the party from his pocket before Wike should think of joining the party.

Wike was also reprimanded for talking about funding the party, Mr Mark stated that Atiku Abubakar had been doing it for a long time and he did not go about singing it. He warned him also about taking the position of God in the party because he did not get the presidential ticket of the party.

Earlier, Governor Wike who declared his intent to run for the presidential seat did not get a ticket in PDP to do so.

“I advise him to calm down and move forward the party with the good spirit of sportsmanship, because is not the first person to lose an election. He should allows peace to reign and allows Atiku to be in pushing the agenda of PDP to win the election come 2023.” Mr Mark said.

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