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Onitsha Ado Vigilante Unit – Misconception and Need for Clarifications

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The attention of the management team of Onitsha Ado Vigilante Unit (OAVU) had been drawn some publications that seemed to send wrong signals about the motive for setting up the security outfit.
It is necessary at this point to assure the general public, especially those living in Onitsha community that the establishment of the security outfit is purely for their best interest. Considering the situation the country has found itself in the area of security; everybody must develop a legitimate strategy to ensure security lives and property.

The recent rise in crime rate in Nigeria has become a serious concern to all right thinking persons in Nigeria. It has reached a level where leaders can no longer afford to pay lip service to it.
Onitsha community under the leadership of His Majesty Igwe Nnaemeka Achebe deemed it necessary to ensure that the lives and property of everyone living in Onitsha community are secured from criminal elements.

Onitsha Ado Vigilante Unit – Misconception and Need for Clarifications


Studies had shown that for security to be effective, it must be community and grassroot based.
In the recent times there incidents of high level of insecurity in Nigeria and pockets of crime in Onitsha.

As a community, that is strategic to the economy of Ndigbo, Onitsha needs to be secure and peaceful for business growth and human existence. OAVU was basically set up to fight loclized crime in Onitsha community for peaceful and secured society. It was designed for the benefit our people; as against the impression being created in some quarters.

As a matter of fact, His Majesty Igwe Nnaemeka Achebe, (Agbogidi) the Obi of Onitsha recently called on Inspector General of Police to channel energy towards stopping the Boko Haram and criminal Herdsmen in Nigeria instead of fighting the pressure groups in Igboland. This statement by the Obi of Onitsha was well applauded by Igbos and well meaning Nigerians. As the chairman of the Traditional Rulers Council in the South East, Agbogidi is interested in ensuring the safety and welfare of Ndigbo. In line with the notion that charity begins at home, it is important that Onitsha is secure, hence all hands must be on deck to develop a collaborative team work in the area of security for the betterment of Ndigbo and all well meaning Nigerians.

This move by Onitsha community needs to be commended and also adopted by other communities to ensure that we are safe. A peaceful and crime free Onitsha should be the target of all well meaning individuals in Igbo Land. Onitsha Ado Vigilante Unit should supported by all for the purpose creating a enabling environment for people to make money and live comfortable life in Onitsha. In a situation like the one we found ourselves now in Nigeria, there is need for collaboration, as security is a collective responsibility.


Management, Onitsha Ado Vigilante Unit.

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