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OKPU AGU: History And Cultural Significance Of The Leopard Hat

by InlandTown Editor
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Nigerian Politician Peter Obi in okpu agu cap

Ndi’gbo (Igbo people) are deeply rooted in their cultural values and they hold in high esteem, their culture and traditions.

These are the rich heritage that permeates every aspect of their society and way of life which holds true in their attires, food, and festivals, among other things. 

One of these is the significant importance placed on the traditional cap Okpu Agu also known as the leopard hat.

The Okpu-Agu is a knitted wool cap traditionally worn by men of the noble Igbo Nze Na Ozo and the caps were said to be dyed with the blood of the enemy warriors.

It is designed in different colours; black, white, and red. While the okpu agu is striped rather than spotted, the design is believed to represent the patterns on the skin of Leopards.

The okpu agu is more than just a red traditional cap. It has a lot of cultural meanings attached to it. This is predominantly depicted in the positioning of the tail of the cap.
okpu aguWhen you wear the cap with the tail facing the back, you are passing a message that something bad has happened, someone died, or you are facing some difficult life challenges.

If you wear the cap with the tail facing the front, it means that you are going somewhere very important, your life is moving forward and aligned or you are being led by Ikenga Odumije. (The one who leads).

When you are in a good mood or attending a wedding or any other celebration, the okpu agu is worn with the tail placed either left or right.

Now that you know how to wear the okpu agu without passing the wrong message, like, comment, and share for others to learn.

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