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Okorocha’s Money Laundering Case Almost Struck Out

by Austin Areh
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To build a bridge for development, many countries around the world have called for a more transparent judiciary to enforce the binding rules and regulations encrypted in the biddings of the constitution. With that serving as a foundation to checking the menace of corruption amongst public and private office holders, the attention is given more to public office holders because they are exposed to large funds that emanate from the state coffers on a daily basis.

For public office holders especially the ones that come into office through elections, they have two phases of pressure ; Firstly sourcing for funds to participate in the elections which entails campaign trips, branded merchandize, acquiring of campaign vehicles, security, ad hoc staff, campaign offices, PR, just to mention a few. The second part of pressure is after the elections, when they have to pay back from the sources they got the funds to run the elections from.

With the growing mentions of the Nigerian Judiciary via their intentional steps to stamp their authenticity in the minds of Nigerians, another reported case involving the former Governor of Imo State , Rochas Okorocha has gained some momentum. Sometime in April 2021, Rochas was arrested by the EFCC over corruption allegations and was given an Administrative bail.

Judge Inyang Ekwo , granted the request for second adjournment by the EFCC lawyer, Mr Ugwu, who on his end hasn’t been able to serve Mr. Okorocha the court papers. He also warned the EFCC’s lawyer that the case would be struck out if he didn’t show seriousness. He suit was adjourned until May 30th, 2022.

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