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Onwa Oseloka Areh Showers Gifts On The “Onyeagbas” Of Obikporo Village.

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ONWA Oseloka Areh

Obikporo village is one of the progressive villages in Inland Town  Onitsha, legend has it they migrated from Igala, which made them to be referred as Ogbe Olu (Olu Village)  that includes Ogbeotu as well, the ‘Onyeagba’ is a pseudonym for a woman, while ‘Nwaolu’ is for a man from Obikporo village.

Onwa   Oseloka  Areh  of Obikporo village ,on the 5th of December 2015 in his own little way of showing care  to  the  Onyeagbas  including  the  widows  among  them , shared  some  good  moment  with his sisters  by  sharing  bags  of  Rice, groundnut oil, can malt  and  tin tomatoes  and thirty thousand naira to  them  as  a  Christmas package.

Our  correspondence in Onitsha Mr Chu Victor Ifeajuna   spoke  with  him  and  he  has  this  to  say –

“Thank  God  Almighty  for   the  life  he  has  giving  to  me  and  my  family  and  also  the  life  of everyone  here  today  and  pray  that  God  will  meet  everyone  at  the  point  of  their needs, also i  believe  that  since  God  has  blessed  me  and  made  me  to  have  a  little  to  give  out,  I  decided  to  start  with  my  sisters  in  Obikporo  Village . Promoting peace and unity amongst the villagers is the reason he is spreading this Love, he reiterated that he doesn’t belong to any faction, he belongs to Obikporo”.

Onwa   Oseloksa   Areh   is  an  easy  going  gentleman  that  does  not  like  to  show  off  or  be publicized  . Be that  as  it  may  be , his  handwork  speaks  for  themselves  as  they  say  charity  begins  at home .

Onwa single  handedly  provided  Obikporo   Village  with  solar power , street lights . Coming  to  Obikporo at  night  is  quite  beautiful  mostly  when  friends  and  loved ones  gather  at  different  spots  for relaxation .

Every  entrance  into  Obikporo   Village  has  a  solar  powered light   i.e  From  Umuikem  , Okosi ,Ugwunaobamkpa  1st   and  2nd   entrances ,  while  others  were  installed  at  different   points  within the  Village  to  provide   light   at  night .

He also provided primary health care insurance cover for 20 elderly women in the first phase, more people will benfit in subsequent phases.

Thanks  to  you  Onwa  Oseloka   Areh  , you  are  worthy  to  be  emulated  .  Ezigbo  Onye    Onicha  Ado N’ Idu.


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