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Officer Behind Obiano’s Video To Face Disciplinary Action

by Austin Areh
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It is a thing of worry, when we hear that large sums of monies have been buried in one individuals drainage system, or in the basement of some houses and the likes, it is even funny that other times, a whole building is bought , just for the purpose of stocking it up with money, and I’m shocked that man can even reason at that level because the world has really advanced, and people should understand that equipping one another is the only way to sustain growth and development and become part of history. Our decisions in life must cut across every area of livelihood because we cannot predict the next industry that will become a big money maker in the course of history.

While the EFCC has claimed that the motive in the arrest of the Former Governor of Anambra State is not political but strictly on financial misappropriation, they have also disclosed that the videos that leaked with Willie Obiano in their facility, will be traced and the errant officer will be brought to book. They claim that the commission is very professional and hence , such occurrence will be tracked down to eliminate the chance of a repetition.

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