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Obijackson Children Hospital Okija, Anambra State Commissioned.

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Dr. Ernest Azudialu Obiejesi is the President of the NESTOIL GROUP, an integrated and indigenous oil company.

He is also one of Nigeria’s richest men and an indigene of Okija in Anambra State.

He has just completed a state of the art Children’s Hospital complete with world class facilities in his community. The edifice known as and called the OBIJACKSON CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL was commissioned recently over the weekend.

The hospital is an architectural masterpiece. A beauty to behold.

He also employed the services of some of the best medical doctors and other health workers from across the globe to manage and work in the hospital and in turn provided jobs for some of his own people who are under the employ of the hospital

Before now, Okija was mostly known for the dreaded Ogwuguwu Okija Shrine but today, because of the vision and large heartedness of one man, Okija is back to the map of the world, this time for good.

He could have built this hospital in Lagos, Abuja or Port Harcourt where he would make more money whereby giving credence to the saying that indeed, “Charity begins at home”

These are the kind of men who inspire us as Anambrarians.

When you succeed in life, your people should feel your impact and philantrophy. Not useless people who remember their homes only during elections.

I hope Dr. Azudialu’s action will send a clear message to our people. Instead of crying everyday over how we are marginalized, we should return to the drawing board and rework the economic and political dynamics of our region.

Our successful brothers and sisters scattered all over the globe should start thinking home. Set up a branch of your business at home. Build schools and hospitals in your community.

If we do this over five years, everything will change and a new sense of self realization will envelop our land.


Credit: Anambra online


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