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North Korea Denies U.S Claims Of Weapon Export To Russia

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The Defense Ministry of North Korea has denied Providing Weapons And ammunition to Russia.

They said in a statement issued on Wednesday that Washington and “hostile forces” have spread a rumor of arms dealings that tarnish North Korea’s image.

“We have never exported weapons or ammunition to Russia before and we will not plan to export them,” a senior official at the North’s Ministry of National Defense said in a statement carried by its official Korean Central News Agency. “We warn the U.S. to stop making reckless remarks.”

The news agency identified the ministry official as a vice director of the General Bureau of Equipment but did not release the officer’s name.

Earlier this month, United States officials released newly declassified intelligence disclosing what it said were Russian efforts to buy North Korean weapons. The officials said that the sales were a sign that sanctions had severely restricted Russia’s supply chains and forced Moscow to turn to pariah states for military supplies to support its war in Ukraine.

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Any deal to buy weapons from North Korea would violate multiple United Nations Security Council resolutions meant to choke off the North’s ability to raise funds for its nuclear weapons program.

North Korea is one of the few countries that have officially backed the Russian invasion, blaming the conflict on Washington.

However, North Korean officials have denied any claims of ammunition sales to Russia, they clarified that the country was a sovereign state and therefore had the right to develop, export, and import weapons.

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