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No Guns Needed With Ideologies , Charles Soludo Enlightens

by Austin Areh
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Political leaders are not left out of the conversation as they have role models with access to economic power of an oil producing nation as Nigeria and the Nigerian youths look forward to them as role models and inspiration , and we know how the youths like to blow things out of proportion on every issue.
Power is given by the people, and the voice of the people is largely said to be the voice of God, and if this is true, without me trying to sound religious, then leaders must note that they are accountable to God , and must demonstrate a high level of intentional awareness in dealing with the people. Once there is an upcoming election, it seems like the nation is on a stand still before and after it, forgetting issues that revolve around health , security, development, economic growth and great technological strides.
Charles Soludo, the Governor of Anambra State, has thrown some lights on the volatile state of the Eastern States. He further buttressed the fact that there’s a time that comes, when you realize that you cannot use a gun to drive an ideology into the minds of people. He said that the situation in Anambra state should not be seen only as a law enforcement matter, but they have to engage these youths , so they can get to the bottom of it. He also informed everyone that they should come together and proffer solutions to challenges the nation is faced with.

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