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Nnenna Akajemeli: Polytechnics Are Producing Professionals Without Equipment

by Austin Areh
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Nnenna Akajemeli

The Service Compact with All Nigerians (SERVICOM) has criticized some Polytechnics for having inadequate equipment, stating that the condition negates the objective of building such institutions in the nation.

When presenting the SERVICOM Compliance Evaluation Reports (SCER) of 23 out of 37 Polytechnic in Nigeria to the National Board for Technical Education on Tuesday in Abuja, Mrs. Nnenna Akajemeli, the National Coordinator of SERVICOM (NBTE) made the remark.

According to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), SERVICOM conducts SCER assessments in order to find deficiencies in MDA performance during service delivery and make recommendations on how to strengthen such areas in order to increase accountability and customer satisfaction.

“The purpose of building Polytechnics in Nigeria is to educate technologists, technicians, and holders of the ND, HND, and Advanced Professional Diploma who are pertinent to the needs, goals, and growth of the country’s various economy and sectors.

That is to say, among other things, the promotion of technical and vocational education and training, transfer of technology, and professional growth are the key goals of polytechnic education, according to the speaker.

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She asserts that polytechnic education is essential for the development of a nation’s human capital since it produces skilled labor, boosts industrial productivity, and raises overall standards of living.

In his reaction, Prof. Idris Bugaje, the Executive Secretary of NBTE, applauded SERVICOM’s efforts for producing such impressive reports on the institution’s strengths and weaknesses in terms of reliability in Nigeria’s polytechnic schools.

SERVICOM is working well, and we are urging all polytechnic institutions to reinforce all of their weak points and enhance their strong points.

He made an appeal, saying, that they are asking all Polytechnics to strengthen and bridge the gaps.

They said that the reports they have gotten from the 23 Polytechnics was an eye-opener, is a honest assessment, and they have observed gaps and weaknesses, they have also seen several areas of strength.”

Speaking of difficulties, Bugaje pleaded with President Muhammadu Buhari to sanction the hiring of teachers for all Polytechnic schools in the nation since the competent ones had retired and needed to be replaced, adding that a significant issue was a lack of finance.

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