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Nigerian Wedding and the Popular Couple’s Entrance Dance

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Picture of a man and a woman dancing at a Nigerian Wedding

Nigeria is a country deeply rooted in culture and the significance of culture in driving home the way of life and the state of mind of the Nigerian people cannot be overemphasized.

Just like other elements of culture, dance is an important symbol in Nigerian society. It serves many social purposes and significance, ranging from ritual celebration to social recreation. It is indeed a universal language used to communicate emotion and the beauty of the people.

Not only is dance an integral part of the Nigerian settings, but it also goes to show how generous and intentional Nigerians are when it comes to celebrations, be it weddings, naming ceremonies, funerals, birthdays, festivities, and other social occasions.

Speaking of weddings, it is one social function that is given top priority in every part of the world but you would agree with me that Nigerians seem to go a little bit extra in commemorating this big occasion. They literally leave no stone unturned. The wedding day is always a day to look forward to in this part of the world. It is safe to say that all other African countries take cues from Nigerians when it comes to wedding planning, hence they have unanimously earned the pseudonym “King of Owanbe”, among other titles.

I mean what’s not to anticipate? From the popular Nigerian Jollof to the ‘orisirisi’ aso-ebi designs, the pumped musical band, the hilarious Master of Ceremony and the glamorous bridal train, the Nigerian wedding party has come to stay.
If you are attending a Nigerian wedding party for the first time, one of the segments you should never miss is the couple’s entrance dance. Why are you at the wedding in the first place if you don’t witness this special moment?

The couple’s entrance dance is often divided into two sections. The first takes place at the wedding reception where well-wishers are already seated in the event hall waiting for the couple who are already on their way from the church [ in the case of Christian couples]. For this, the couple makes their grand entrance with the bride in her flowing wedding gown and the groom in a neatly-tailored Tux followed by a train of ladies and gentlemen in colourful dresses and suits, curated according to the colour of the day.

Shortly after the first dance is the second couple’s dance which always signifies the highlight of the day. At this moment, the guests are already green with anticipation, most of which is borne out of curiosity for the couple’s outfits and the bridals train’s choice of outfits and combinations.

Lest I forget, the couple’s dance is a key element of this second entry. Most couples would rather not take this section for granted and some that are not so good with their legs go as far as paying a choreographer to teach them basic couple-dance steps that must have been rehearsed and perfected before their ‘Big day’. This always saves the couples’ face as no one wants to be seen making awkward moves on their big day, especially those of us that cannot dance to save a life lol.

The next thing to look forward to is the bridal train dance. Their dance performance is meant to usher the couple into the event hall or venue. Their dance moves are also in sync after a series of rehearsals. While some go the extra mile of mimicking the couple by entering in twos of a guy and a lady with each couple outdoing themselves so as to be tagged the best couple of the day, lol.

Now that you know what the couple’s entrance dance looks like, don’t go to your next wedding party to just eat and press your phone [We are guilty of this].

Comment your most anticipated moment at a wedding below and don’t forget to share with your networks. Sharing is caring!

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