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Nigerian Players Are “Little Babies “ ,GFA President Boasts

by Austin Areh
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While sporting activities remain a constant meeting point for nations across the world , the momentum gained right after the COVID-19 situations wasn’t clearly envisaged as it was clear note that fans across the world had missed their ability to get into their teams stadia and watch live matches. At a point fans could only watch matches from their homes as there were no provisions to handle the crowd control factors .

After sometime , there was a gradual introduction to allow fans attend the games live , but the tickets and entry was however restricted to a low number inline with following more proactive steps to handle the breakout of the virus which at an alarming rate was taking over so many aspects of societal structures , touching areas of economy, religion , entertainment and sports, which was most sensitive because it’s more of a contact activity.

Variations from the perceptions on how best to maintain a healthy approach to checkmating the growing rise of COVID-19 were initiated by the different institutions as the  numbers went up gradually, as the restrictions were lessened different institutions derived new means to attain participation while gaining the energy that was connected to that particular activity.

As a positive, the last African nations competition which was Held in Cameroon came at a point when such resumption’s had kicked off again, while the Nigerian team won all their group matches , they got knocked out by Tunisia . However , many people were impressed with their run of results which saw them beat Egypt by a lone goal in Match Day 1, they went ahead to win Sudan by three goals as against one goal scored by Sudan . And on Match Day 3 , Nigeria won Guinea – Bissau by two goals , a momentum which they claim they’ll maintain as they head into the first game of their play off match against Ghana.

While the Nigerian team is full of belief , as they plan to maintain the team that showed good communication, their Ghanaian counterparts have come out with new claims and boastful proclamations. It has been reported that ahead of the important match, the Ghanaian Football Association president, Kurt Okraku has termed the Nigerian Super Eagles as “little babies” who pretend to be big boys. This statement comes after Nigeria’s sports Minister has also stated that Nigeria will win Ghana by a good margin. He also assured that the Nigerian team should go all out because the government has guaranteed that they have insurance in their home and away game, and they need to bring out their Nigerian spirit and make the Nation and themselves proud.

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