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Nigerian Man Wears Isi Agu During His Graduation Ceremony, Abroad

by Austin Areh
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Isi Agu

Today, Legit News posted that a brief video on the internet captured the moment Raphael, a Nigerian, danced toward the stage during his graduation, dressed in his Isi Agu.

The man’s wife could not stop yelling his name from where she was seated because she was so excited about his performance.

This man brought the Nigerian spirit to his graduation ceremony, according to a lot of Nigerians who responded to his graduation video.

A Facebook user named Jack Vince posted a video of a Nigerian Man Raphael receiving his diploma from an international university. When his name was announced at the graduation ceremony, the man joyfully danced instead of conventionally walking to the stage.

The man performed while shaking his royal horsetail fly whisk (Inyịnya Odụ). The audience in the hall was thrilled by this.

So what is the Isi Agu and why is it so significant?

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Isi Agu, or “Lion Head” in English, is a traditional attire worn by the people of eastern Nigeria. Its name comes from the lion head design on the cloth. Typically, it is used on special occasions like marriages and chieftaincy titles.

The shirt often has short or long sleeves. Some garments have gold chains and buttons on them. On the front, there is often a breast pocket. The material is available in cotton or velvet.

This clothing was formerly solely worn by men, but this is no longer the case as ladies are now rocking this exquisite fabric and creating lovely outfits with it. There are several color options for the Isi Agu cloth. You almost certainly won’t go to an event without seeing someone wearing this cloth.

It is usually implied that every Igbo man is a lion and so, every Igbo woman is a lioness.

This singular gesture is so significant because the Isi Agu is a prominent piece of Igbo clothing that bestows pride and power on the wearer, and graduating is a thing of pride.

Also given the tendency and frequency of wearing English attire to such events, this igbo man has made a mark, at least in his Alma Mata, and we encourage every other Nigerian in other countries to do so.


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