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Nigeria Reveals how COVID-19 Vaccine would be distributed in states

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The criterion that would be used for the distribution plan of the COVID-19 vaccines in Nigeria has been revealed by the National Primary Health Care Development Agency (NPHCHA). It would be the rate of infection in each state that would be used as the basis to the distribution of the vaccines in that state.

It was revealed by the NPHCDA that all of the 36 states would get about 4,000 vaccines from the first batch. This news was revealed on Saturday on the official website of the NCDC alongside the publication of the latest infection rates.

Judging by the infection rate, the distribution list of the COVID-19 vaccines indicated that Kano would recive 3,557; Lagos, 3,131; Katsina, 2,361; Kaduna, 2,074; Bauchi, 1,900; Oyo, 1,848; Rivers, 1,766; Jigawa, 1,712; Niger, 1,558; Ogun, 1,473; Sokoto, 1,468; Benue, 1,423; Borno, 1,416; Anambra, 1,379; Zamfara, 1,336; Delta, 1,306;

Others were: Kebbi, 1,268; Imo, 1,267; Ondo, 1,228; Akwa Ibom, 1,161.Adamawa, 1,129; Edo, 1,104; Plateau, 1,089; Enugu, 1,088; Osun, 1,032; Kogi, 1,030; Cross River, 1,023; Abia, 955; Gombe, 908; Yobe, 842; Ekiti, 830; Taraba, 830; Kwara, 815; Ebonyi, 747; Bayelsa, 589; FCT, 695; Nasarawa, 661.

The agency stated that the Federal Government plans to administer the vaccines on 4o percent of Nigerians during the first batch this year while 30 percent would be administered in the year 2022. They also stated that the government is working on sourcing the vaccines from other countries such as Russia.

For the administering of the vaccines, health care workers and elderly ones would be given top priority. The NPHCDA assured the public that all the vaccines administered in January and February would be done in compliance with the standards of the World Health Organization.

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