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Nigeria Faces Another Blackout as National Grid Suffers Collapse

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Nigeria finds itself in the grips of darkness once more as the national grid system, operated by the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) from Osogbo in Osun State, has experienced a critical collapse. In the early hours of today, a stark reality emerged when the grid’s electricity output dwindled to a mere 273 megawatts, originating from just two of the more than 27 electricity generation sources.

This disconcerting development comes on the heels of TCN’s rather questionable celebration of 400 days of grid stability, which occurred just a week ago. Multiple Distribution Companies confirmed the grid’s failure at 00:41 AM, revealing that the majority of their feeders were rendered inactive.

By 4:00 AM on Thursday, only five generating plants remained operational. Afam VI contributed a meager 0.70MW, Dadinkowa stood at 0.00MW, Ibom Power generated 32.90MW, Jebba provided 240MW, and Olorunsogo, disappointingly, had zero generation.

Around 1 AM, the nation faced a mere 35MW of available power, signifying a catastrophic collapse. By 3 AM, the grid had plunged to a dismal 193MW before gradually recovering to 273MW at the time of this report.

Notably, the TCN has yet to respond to inquiries regarding this troubling situation. As Nigerians grapple with another electricity crisis, questions linger about the resilience and stability of the national grid system.

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