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Ever been in a situation where people are discussing and you just can’t seem to understand what is being said simply because you do not understand the terms used and the context? As an indigene of Ndi Onicha, it is important to understand not just the language but the slangs as well. So you don’t get lost in the middle of a conversation. In this post, we will look into some slangs peculiar among speakers in Otu-Onitsha.

A slang itself is a type of language consisting of words and phrases that are regarded as very informal, are more common in speech than writing, and are typically restricted to a particular context or group of people. Two meanings will be presented. First, is the literal meaning which is in italics, while the second is the meaning of the slang itself.

Here are some peculiar slangs you must have heard before and for those who haven’t, should take note of.

  • mmemme “feast” When many customers are in one’s shop
  • tiwaa slate “break slate” A scholar
  • omila “robbery” Armed robber
  • igba azi “banquet” A lot to eat and drink
  • g-boy “guy man” Fraudster
  • mbuba “carry something inside” Make much money
  • lachaa ọkwa “lick the wooden plate” Make much profit
  • omilor “sluggishness” Very slow person
  • inye iru evi “to give a cow’s face” To show contempt for people, especially a seller who shows contempt for a buyer who prices his goods/products very low
  • owu ite “pot’s thread” Poverty, lack of money, hardship
  • anya “eye” Indian hemp, weed, marijuana
  • imesi ife ike “to do things with vigour” Excessive spending, high spender, flamboyant
  • onye ọkụkụ “a planter” Spendthrift
  • eke “python” The police, cops, law enforcement officer (used to refer to policemen)
  • ezi “pig” Used by men to refer to a promiscuous lady
  • dọọ “stretch” Run away
  • bọchaa “clear” Escape from the police
  • afịa “market” Armed robbery
  • ọ chala acha “it is ripeIs beautiful
  • ive aka “to wave a hand” To die
  • chaa isi “wash the head” Try to convince somebody
  • wụyalịa “jump around” Boast
  • zaa isi “swell the head” Pride, headstrong, stubborn person
  • ike “buttocks” A weak person (usually a man)
  • onye obi akpọ “one with a dried heart” A wicked person

So, there you go. 25 slangs to update your lingo so you don’t get caught up in the middle of a conversation with your folks. Tell us about some other slangs not listed above, in the comments section.


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