Home NEWS “My Grandmother Gave Me Her Urine To Drink” – HIV Infected Minor Reveals.

“My Grandmother Gave Me Her Urine To Drink” – HIV Infected Minor Reveals.

by Austin Areh
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A young female aged 10 who has just been diagnosed with HIV and recently saved along with her 14-year-old brother by their neighbor has admitted that their grandmother gave her urine to drink.

The young minor and her brother were taken to Igando General Hospital in Lagos State, Nigeria.

Our troubles began after our mother died,” the survivor says. Our father took us to Grandma’s house to stay and she’s not our biological grandma. He had more or less abandoned us. We have been absent from school, and our health and well-being have been a big issue due to, a lack of regular feeding and proper care. Grandma’s first and third sons sexually abused me repeatedly and Grandma knows about this because she once caught the third son having sexual intercourse with me and seriously warned him not to do it again.”

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The 10-year-old survivor’s troubles began when she fell ill late last year, and no care or treatment was provided for her by her grandmother until a neighbor intervened and paid for the treatment.

Unfortunately, the minor became ill again in May 2022 and due to the severity of her cough, the grandmother began giving her urine to drink.

However, after noticing her deteriorating health, a neighbor took it upon herself to transport her to Igando General Hospital in Alimosho.

According to reports, the neighbor contacted PAHFIN, (an NGO in Alimosho) for help and support.  The survivor’s admission, tests, and medications were all paid for right away.

Following a battery of tests, it was discovered that she is now HIV-positive, anemic, severely malnourished, and can hardly move or even speak.

Presently, the survivor and her brother are in urgent need of financial assistance to cover hospital bills, food, clothing, and shelter.

The Gender Department at the Igando Police Station is currently on the case.

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