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Muslim-Muslim Ticket: Northern Christian Group Counters Agenda

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Sequel to the Launch of the All Progressives Congress presidential campaign council in Abuja on Friday, some Northern Christians in the ruling party have called for an embargo on the Muslim-Muslim ticket.

While speaking to the press in Abuja on Sunday, the Northern APC Christians Forum sustained their belief that the decision of APC for Bola Ahmed Tinubu to run with former Borno State Governor Kassim Shettima is a slap on the face of the Christian faith.

The group said this decision would streamline the possibility of the APC winning the presidential elections, describing it as a failed mission. The group explained that if the agenda is allowed, Christians would be subjected to persecution. They spoke as a voice for all christians in the north while opposing the Muslim-Muslim ticket.

The Northern Christian group noted that any christian who supports the decision of APC will be seen as a betrayer and also a christian who sells his birthright for a plate of porridge. The group admonished the APC leadership to “do needful by replacing the APC vice Presidential Candidate with a Christian before the commencement of the campaigns”.

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The Christian group commented that not minding the public outcry and resistance from various groups, the party has reated the Muslim-Muslim ticket with kids’ gloves and, by so doing, kicks against the religious configuration of the country.
“The Northern APC Christians Forum is concerned that the APC leadership’s lack of respect for the Christians in Northern Nigeria has reached an alarming crescendo, which could pass for a deliberate attempt to delineate the Christian population in Northern Nigeria.

“Our concern also stems from the fact that the action of the APC can breed distrust amongst the religious groupings in the country. It must be stated that with the Muslim-Muslim Ticket, the Northern Christians have been marginalized and without recourse to the implication of such actions in the overall psyche of the people,” the group said.

“The APC leadership must desist from treating Northern Christians as inconsequential in the country’s scheme of affairs. Christians will not support the APC Presidential Team until the Muslim – Muslim Ticket issue is resolved holistically.”

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