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Monumental Fraud Discovered In Onitsha Market

by InlandTown Editor
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How can one person sit on government internal generated revenue Following the  effort of joint task force between Anambra state ministry of commerce and chairman Onitsha south shop owners traders association (OSSTA),chief Eric Uwaoma to enforce payment of tax and levies in Onitsha it was discovered that there has been great fraud at ozomagala building materials traders association. Trouble started when Anambra state government decided to shore up the state’s revenue by threatning to shut down markets that fail to comply,  it was in the course of averting the anger of government that it was discovered that the  chairman, Mr Okey Mojekwu has aledgedly been defrauding the state through his refusal to remit the money he has been Collecting on behalf government In the market between 2012-2015. Verification showed thatt Mojekwu Collected N3,000 from every Trader in the market totaling =N=1,500,300.00. That he is supposed to pay in for Direct Tax Assesment between 2012-2014 But Instead remitted N129,000. He Also Collected N1,200 Meant For Development Levy accros board that amounted to =N=612,000.00 but Instead Remitted Only N15,600.00

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