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Moghalu has been conferred with the new Nnewi traditional Chieftaincy title

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Prof. Kingsley Chiedu Moghalu, the Former Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) and presidential candidate in the 2019 elections, has been recognized with the Nnewi traditional chieftaincy title of ‘Ifek’ego Nnewi’ (that which is greater than money) by the Igwe of Nnewi, Dr Kenneth Orizu III.

The title was placed by the monarch of the 600-year-old hereditary kingdom at a beautiful ceremony in Nnewi during Igwe Orizu’s 57th annual Ofala festival held on the 28th of December.

Giving this title, Moghalu has now become a member of the prestigious body of titled chiefs of Nnewi, one of Nigeria’s most dynamic commercial towns.

Igwe Orizu, aged 95 and Africa’s longest-serving monarch having clocked 57 years on the throne, said that he transferred the Ifek’ego title on Moghalu in commendation of his praiseworthy contributions towards the improvement of Nnewi town.

In response, Moghalu said in a statement: “This recognition matters to me. My new title is a strong statement of my values in life. Integrity matters more than money. In public service for the world and for my country, I have never compromised it. It matters what we teach our society and how we are remembered. “The recognition matters also because my traditional ruler showed appreciation for my humble contributions to my hometown community. This encourages me to remain on the track of service.”

Moghalu is an international leader whose influence has impacted the progress of nations, societies, and individual lives across various aspects ranging from economic policy, nation-building, and international diplomacy to academia, politics, and philanthropy.

Members present at the Nnewi Ofala festival and observers considered Moghalu’s new title very knowledgeable, intriguing, and suitable for the distinguished former United Nations diplomat, ex-central banker, and new-generation politician.

Moghalu’s title is seen by various people as a direct rebuke of the worship of money and crass materialism. It fittingly comes from an accomplished global and national icon, which inspires and impacts millions of young people across the country and has a distinguished personality





Source: The Guardian


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