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Minister of Transportation, Rotimi Amaechi says Why Ibadan-Kano Rail Is Yet to Commence

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Minster Rotimi Amaechi said that the federal government is set to begin the project of Ibadan to Kano rail as soon as the Chinese government approves its $5.3 billion loan to Nigeria.

Nigeria has majorly relied on loans from the Chinese government to commence this project. He reported that all other investors who showed their interest in helping Nigeria suddenly developed cold feet.

The minister said that when the project is completed, wet and dry cargoes can be transported from Lagos to Kano. He said “Nigeria should be more patient with the Ministry of Transportation over the issue of wet cargoes. We are currently trying to construct the railway into the seaports to enable us transport either wet or dry cargoes to various destinations. The only wet cargo that can go now is between Lagos to Ibadan

He stated that ones the project is completed, wet cargoes would be able to be transported from Kano to Lagos. A project would also start for Port Harcourt to Maiduguri.

Mr Amaechi included that the ministry of transportation is not in charge of funding the project but the ministry of finance. He added that the ministry of finance has been given the presidential approval  to borrow money to aid the project.  


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