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Some might ask, who is a Millennial? And who is a member of Gen Z?

You may have an idea, but let’s be 100% sure that we’re all on the same page; defining the two generations is based entirely on dates – in this case, years.

A Millennial is anyone born between 1980 and 1995. A member of Gen Z is anyone born between 1996 and the early-mid 2000s (the end date can vary).

Millennials cover those from 25-40, while Gen Z covers those from 9-24 years. These generations are not just entirely different from the generations before them; they also differ from each other vastly. Gen Z and millennials are different in their shopping habits, interaction with brands, and view of money.

Fashion, however, continually evolves as time goes by. Nonetheless, its evolution is recurrent yet enticing and appealing. Due to its periodic nature, its trends are mainly influenced by the youthful population. Today, this active population is Generation Z or Gen Z.

Fashion transcends the clothes you wear to the accessories that accompany your outfit. It is a way of self-expression as most people express their individuality through their outfits. Fashion trends are becoming more comfortable, fun, and classy. Fashion usually differs by gender; here, we’ll take a look at a few millennial fashion trends that don’t seem to be going out of style, as well as Gen Z trends that are in vogue.



1.     Skinny Jeans.

SuperModel Jasmine Tookes: Pinterest


A popular millennial fashion trend amongst men and women is skinny jeans. This trend began in the 2000s and remained a top part of fashion. Millennials love these jeans because they give you a more appealing look while enhancing your body. Millennials appreciate the way skinny jeans make you feel super sexy and put together in ways that the mom jeans do not compare. Although Gen Z declared death to skinny jeans, it is a top millennial fashion trend that’s not going anywhere.


  1. Over the Knee Boots.

: Pinterest

Another fashion trend that the Millennials seem to prefer is the “over-the-knee-boots”. This is a fashion piece that almost all supermodels from back in the day seemed to own. Therefore, it only made the millennials crave pairs that they could wear with black leggings or sweatshirt dresses. Additionally, the over-the-knee boots sit perfectly with the favored skinny jeans. Try tucking boyfriend jeans into a thigh-high suede boot, we dare you.


  1. Throwback Concert Tees.


Another trend that millennials adore is the throwback concert tee. It is made up of washed black tees that feature the 80s rock bands. The typical bands are Def Leppard, AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, and many more variations that people love. As long as the tee has a vintage vibe and washed-out colors while advertising a band that millennials were probably too young to have known – it’s a winner.

Concert tee : Pinterest



  1. Chelsea Boots.

LuLu’s : Pinterest

When a millennial is not rocking her over-the-knee suede boots, she prefers the ease of a classic Chelsea bootie. This Brit-inspired style features a low block heel, clean leather upper, and two stretchy gussets on the sides to make pulling them on and off easier. With such a minimalist design, they go with pretty much everything in our wardrobes – jeans, suits, minidresses, you name it. And they are comfortable enough for all-day wear, no matter how much walking we have to do, and thus have earned a spot in the “we’re never giving this up” category of Millennial fashion.


  1. Aviator Sunglasses.

You can catch millennials experimenting with the huge Jackie O. frames and other times, they’d be found in Matrix minis, but in the end, the classic aviator sunglasses are a millennials’ favorite.



Gen Z fashion: Insider

Gen Z fashion trends have always been spunky from year to year. While some trends stayed from one year to another, others phased out for newer ideas or old recycled styles. Most of these Gen Z fashion trends were celebrity-driven. However, it seemed every movement had a different feel and was widely accepted. The periods of 2015 to 2021 saw a change of preferences among both genders, such that females adopted more male styles and vice versa. These changes created more room for the unisex market to flourish.


  1. Old-School Trends from the 90s.

90s fashion: Google

As usual, fashion trends happen in eternal cycles, fading out and returning with a different sense of use. Gen Z is rapidly adopting some popular fashion trends from the 1990s that the subsequent users abandoned. After bucket hats were a prevalent trend in the 90s, they stayed extinct until recently, as they have begun to stay afloat on fashion waters in several designs and colors. There have also been trends from the days of young millennials, like, cut-outs, colored sunglasses, thin baguette bags, etc.

baguette bags: Pinterest



  1. Mom Jeans.


To a great extent, mum jeans are gaining widespread adoption in different parts of the world. The mum jean trend began in 2021 and is one of the overall Gen Z fashion trends. Celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Lara Bingle are known for always rocking this pant style. Just like the grandpa fashion, mum jeans offer a sense of maturity and comfort during usage. Although they seem casual, they are a prevailing fashion style.


  1. Slits and Tennis Fashion.

IG: tennisfashionstyles

Slits, tennis skirts, and recreational dresses are in vogue. TikTok influencers mainly fueled the tennis skirt trend before it gained popularity. It is still expected to remain the top skirt fashion style for a lot of females because it is chic and an ultimate outfit choice. Many ladies cannot overlook the adoption of slit dresses and skirts. For many Gen Z ladies, slit outfits display their elegance and earn them compliments that give them a sense of confidence. More so, they offer a good level of comfort. Slit dresses that are fashionable for Gen Z women include front, side, and back slits.

Slit skirt: Pinterest


  1. Fluid Fashion.

fluid fashion: Pinterest

Fashion fluidity is a noticeable trend among Gen Z compared to earlier generations. The cultural nature of fashion has shifted a lot from its gender border system into unisex operations. It is widely known that Gen Z has a neutral clothing phenomenon, allowing outfits to be equally used by both sexes. Hence, this fashion fluidity has gained ground recently and will remain significant for a long time. Top fashion brands, celebrities, and trend fuelers are taking on this new system, promoting it among Gen Z fashion trends.

Billy Porter: Pinterest



There is a clear difference between Gen Z and millennial fashion choices, and these variations are usually easy to spot. However, there are scenarios when you can create a look that works well for both generations. Check out these top-tier Gen Z and millennial looks.

  1. Casual Jeans and Top.

Skinny jeans and silk cami : Pinterest


Millennials always go for the skinny jeans choice when rocking the casual jeans and top look. Most times, Millennials choose to pair these jeans with a tank top made of organic cotton or simply a silk cami with a neutral look. On the other hand, Gen Zs are probably going for a vintage look and a straight-cut leg when choosing their jeans. The difference between both generations is apparent in the inspiration and vibe of the outfit. While the millennials focus on showcasing their love for classic brands and sophistication, Gen Z shows a passion for innovations and youth in their outfits.


casual Gen Z : Pinterest


  1. Impressive Dresses

Feminine et Classic: Pinterest

The outfit choices in the Gen Z and Millennial fashion trends are outfits aimed to impress. Millennials prefer dresses with a style that’s also neutral, feminine, and classic. On the other hand, Gen Zs are more likely to go for a lettuce hem mini dress. The difference in these outfit choices is that while both love mini dresses, millennials prefer feminine clothing pieces while Gen Z prefers a youthful aesthetic.

Lettuce hem dress : missguided


  1. The Mini vs. Midi Skirt.

medi-mini skirts: Pinterest

A millennial is more likely to go for a high–rise design and regular fit in black. However, Gen Z differs extensively in this category and would opt for a mini pleated skirt with colorful check prints. This choice shows the distinct preferences of the two generations’ fashion trends. However, Gen Z focuses on the tiniest details to make their outfit unique.

Gen Z is an active population with dynamic fashion styles. While some of its members prefer to stick to outdated fashion trends, others love to follow every latest detail. Many of their movements are promoted by celebrities. Gen Z fashion trends recycle outdated styles with uniqueness in every evolution. Accessories like “the matrix shades”, black and neon sunglasses, ankle socks, and neon socks are expected to be in the picture as they have been widely used in recent times. The Gen Z population is literally obsessed with the 90s fashion trend.

People are continually trying to define the millennial fashion style – this generation is famous for mixing different styles as they’re not afraid to explore individuality. Their moods and habits play a vital role in their fashion choice. New trends are popping up everywhere in line with millennial fashion. Most people can’t tell the difference between both fashion choices and one is left to wonder how millennial fashion choices will evolve in the coming days.

If you ask me, I love to infuse a bit of both trends into my style.

Tell us, what’s your style?













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