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Meet The CEO of Onome Artworks

by InlandTown Editor
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Please tell us about yourself and what you do.

My name is Gregory Akienemeh, the CEO of Onome Artwork. I am into all types of artwork including; painting, sculpturing, and metal work. I am from Edo state. I studied at Ambrose Ali University but later dropped out to focus on artworks. I have been in the business for about 12 years but I became professional about five years ago.

What inspired you to go into artwork?

I had a cousin who was into artwork back then, so I started off learning from there. My mum was also a great source of inspiration for me as she loved artworks and encouraged me to draw at that time. Later on, I developed so much interest in the field and decided to go for it.

How has it been so far?

The road was tough. I took my artworks first to Abuja to sell them but I could not get any customers. At that time, I was buying and selling art. I came back to Lagos and woke up one morning, and then I  visited some interior companies in Ikeja. Then I met a man who later introduced me to Mr. Nonso Austin Areh, the Chief editor at Inlandtown new media. He asked me to drop the artwork and later called me to ask for the cost of each, then he bought some. That is how the journey of selling artworks started. Since then, there have been tremendous improvements.

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Who is/are your model(s)?

Actor Arinze is my model when it comes to art. Mr. Nonso Austin Areh as I mentioned earlier is also another person that I look up to. My parents are also my role models.

Do you consider going back to school?

With the situation of schooling in Nigeria, I do not think I want to go back to school here in Nigeria. I will only consider going back to school if it is not in this country.


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What have been your challenge(s) so far?

“Na money”. The challenges I face are many but funding is the most dominant. Inflation has affected the price of so many materials we use in production and this has been really challenging.

What are the things you look out for before tagging an art piece with a price?

The materials used, the manpower, cost of transportation, health, and feeding are all considered before giving a price to an art piece. However art is priceless, I would say its a way of investment because art always appreciates in value.

How do you see your art pieces impacting people?

I try to make artwork by inspiration so people can see the artwork and also connect to it. Every artwork is made to pass an inspirational message to people.

Where do you see yourself in the near future?

I see myself owning an art gallery where people can walk in, see art pieces, and also buy them.

How do you get your art out?

Basically, I use Instagram and Twitter. My Instagram and Twitter handles are; @ONOME ARTWORK. I post the art pieces and then people see them and then come into the studio to see more or contact me for purchase.

You can also reach me on Whatsapp at +2348097802589

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It was a pleasure having you on InlandTown TV; we wish you continued success and hope to see more of your beautiful works.

InlandTown New Media – 2022.

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