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Meet Abada Williams Of The Abada Iwuchukwu Foundation

by Austin Areh
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Tell us about yourself (Your Profile)

My name is Abada William Iwuchukwu Chukwuebuka the 1st of Onitsha. I studied International communication and management in the University of Amsterdam. I am also the CEO of a luxurious night club in Amsterdam Holland ( Good Vibes Amsterdam former Club DNA).I was born in a Christian family and happily married with kids.

What influenced you to set up Abada IwuChukwu Foundation?

I started with 12 Widows and 2 widowers back in 2008 and the intention was simply to make them happy with gifts during Xmas period which is the season of love, peace ,hope as we celebrate the birth of our lord and savior Jesus Christ.Nevertheless, the whole scenario changed to a bigger thing the following year 2009, when about 25 widows came to register with my Elder brother. One of the reasons that I started the foundation was to put a smile on the faces of the widows/widowers and the underprivileged who could not celebrate due to the death of their partner or their parents.

Why only widows of Ogboli Olosi village in Onitsha ,Anambra State?

Many people always think that our foundation is centered on the Ogboli Olosi widows but the impression is wrong because we cater for people from everywhere such as Enugu state, Imo State, Ebonyi State Anambra, Abia and the entire Onitsha villages.The impression was formed because we share our gift items in Ogboli Olosi Village but it is not for people from Ogboli Olosi primarily.

How do you manage to run your organisation?

It takes hard work, proper arrangements and good structure,therefore we set up Board of Directors which comprise of sir Ejor Ibeziako, my wife and myself,  the general coordinator is Mrs.Cynthia Obi.

Are you certified and validated by professional agencies such as CAC?

Yes, we are validated from CAC as a registered organization.

How frequently do you meet with your key stakeholders?

I currently don’t reside in Nigeria, however I meet with the key stakeholders once a year when I am available however we discuss through social media platforms on a regular basis.

 What are the key indicators by which you measure your impact in your community?

 The more you impact and empower people, the more new people come up,that is life in general

 What are the creative and innovative things that you have done in the last 10 years?

I have done so many creative things in my personal life and in my business as well. I went back to school to study International communication and management, today am a graduate of Inholland University of Amsterdam. My team and i have creatively repositioned our business from just a standard night club in Holland to a luxurious world class night club and restaurant with a new name called GoodVibes Amsterdam .

In my community Onitsha, we have creatively organized and registered a non profitable organization called Greater Onitsha Foundation(GOF) to police our politicians during and after elections to assure that most of what they promise us during election campaign are fulfilled.We would organize the first ever political debate in our constituency in this 2019 general election which would involve all the candidates contesting for the Federal House of Representatives and State house of Assembly respectively.

 What are the challenges you have running the Foundation?

The main challenge we have is the increase in number of people that needs our assistance,but God is our strength

 What is your message for Nigeria this election year?

My message is quite simple ,let every Nigerian go out to vote and also make sure that their votes are counted and protected. Don’t collect bribes and remember that your vote counts,in all we do let us all remember that election is not a do or die affair.

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