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Masons, Beacons And Lighthouses Of Their Faiths And Professions

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In the light of the above, District Grand Master of Nigeria (English Constitution), RWB Dr. Onyechi Ikpeazu revealed in an exclusive interview with Odili Ujubuonu that his vision for the District Grand Lodge of Nigeria is to basically achieve the objective where the initial impression of Masonry by an outsider is not that of an anti-Christ.
Dr. Onyechi who has been at the helm of affairs for about a year asserted that he seeks to take Masonry to a level where a mason will not be improperly labelled as demonic but rather labelled as one who has laid the foundation of his life on the existence of the One true God.
In his words, “Let the impression be; Oh, this is a person who believes in God and who practices Brotherly love, Relief and Truth; whose lofty admonitions are derived from the sacred texts like the Bible, Koran, Torah and all the sacred texts that guide the chosen religion of the brother Mason”.
Speaking further, he explained extensively on his plans for the District Grand Lodge of Nigeria. According to him, he would love to improve on the relationship between Masons and the church. So that masons are left to practice their profession freely and without any form of molestation; and be as good Christians as they could be.
He said “My interest in this respect is to ensure that the basic church decision or doctrine trickles down so that the person will not be victimized because he is a Mason, or stop the practice of his faith through his church or denomination because he is a Mason. We are taught that Masonry takes a good man and makes him a better man. It means that if that good man was prepared by his religious principles before joining us, Masonry should actually make his practice of those principles better”.ch
In terms of the level of support he has received since taking the mantle of leadership, he stressed that he has received tremendous support from the brethren across the divisions. According to him, “I have enjoyed very good cooperation with brethren irrespective of their geographical locations. Across the districts, I have also received tremendous expression of satisfaction and co-operation. I had to rely on some experienced brethren on certain instances to achieve certain objectives and they have all been willing to come out and assist. The former deputies have been very supportive in guiding me aright”.

In other related events, for first-hand information on issues and events associated with the District Grand Lodge of Nigeria (EC), you can get it from the maiden edition of the novel magazine christened, The Grand Design and subsequent editions. It covers several issues associated with the District Grand Lodge of Nigeria. Particularly, the exclusive interview with the District Grand Master, R.W. Bro. (Dr.) Onyechi Ikpeazu.

Members of the Editorial Board include VW Busola Holloway, Odili Ujubuonu, Emeka Opara, Daniel Afilaka, Austin Areh, and Kelvin Nwaekpe.


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