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Man Remanded Over Abusive Post Against Udom Emmanuel

by Austin Areh
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In building a government where integrity speaks louder than words, certain actions are said to support such motions. On a daily basis, the profile used in preparation of the manifesto of any public office holder is always cross checked by the masses after they have assumed office, this serves as a means of checks and balances, and also a reminder to the flamboyant campaign promises that have emanated from packed up arenas and political freebies that follow participation.

For any democratic tenure to succeed, the role of the judiciary is extremely sensitive as they serve as limitations to the natural freedom a democratic dispensation gives. With a very active judiciary in place,  cases of electoral results aftermath, abuse of human rights, corruption and other aspects of the society can be adequately met with very high standards of professionalism, fairness and equity. It is known that once there is a fair judicial system clearly structured out with their autonomous roles, the legislative and executive arms remember their limits.

A Man in Akwa Ibom state Soundcraft Owo Oba  , who had earlier made a post about the Governor , Emmanuel Udom being a sex maniac has been remanded in prison due to his  post which was targeted to abuse the governor of the State. Senior Magistrate Ini-fiok Isong highlighted that The offence is punishable under Section 24(1)(b) of the Cybercrime (Prohibition, Prevention, etc) Act, 2015.


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