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Mary Elizabeth Truss has now won the UK conservative party leadership contest On Monday, September 5, 2022, but must wait till Tuesday before she formally becomes prime minister. Truss and the outgoing prime minister, Boris Johnson is set to travel to Balmoral in Scotland tomorrow to meet with Queen Elizabeth II, a formality that’ll see the Queen’s approval of the new administration.

There have been varied views on Truss and how “conservative” she really is. Liz Truss, the next prime minister of the United Kingdom, has assumed many stances in her political career. She has gone from a radical who called for the abolition of the monarchy to a flag-bearer of the Eurosceptic right wing of the Conservative Party. During her time as a liberal Democrat, she supported the legalization of cannabis and the abolition of the royal family, positions that are far from what conservatism looks like in 2022.

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Many who have watched her closely have questioned if she had any genuine beliefs or if she just simply endorsed any opinion that is convenient per time. During her campaign to claim the leadership of the conservative party, Truss pushed to win the hearts of about 160,000 right-wing Brits and it was a task she leaned into. She, on several occasions, did not hesitate to take slights at political leaders at the other end of the political spectrum.

Now that Liz Truss is Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, and leader of the G7, some of her campaign comments may make for awkward encounters, to say the least. Truss has however started receiving congratulatory messages all over social media.

A tweet from her closest rival in the race, Rishi Sunak reads “Thank you to everyone who voted for me in this campaign. I’ve said throughout that the Conservatives are one family. It’s right we now unite behind the new PM, Liz Truss, as she steers the country through difficult times.”

Liz Truss, after meeting with the Queen on Tuesday will travel back to London and head to Downing Street, her new residence. She’ll announce her cabinet which will mainly make up of folks who supported her, and on Wednesday for the first time, face Prime Ministers’ questions.



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