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LASTMA Officers Dismissed Over Bribery Allegations

by Nuel Emuebie
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I always believe that like a building , life needs its own foundations and while we decide to learn through processes , we also have to unlearn certain characters , and this process is the most self revealing phase of all, because we are exposed to staring  at life

Sometimes I wake up and the first thing that comes to my mind, is the current reality which basically boils down to how many times you have to keep your life at equilibrium through different spheres and times without really having the knowledge or skills required but that little ounce of hope that you have built your life around , others can call it faith.

I believe that for every society to advance , there must be checks and balances , even in positions of authority, this will check abuse , and bring a lot of integrity to the whole process, as we understand, everybody has a role to play in making the society a better place for everyone . While there are more steps to bring about accountability in different fronts of government parastatals, The  Lagos State Traffic Management Authority popularly known as LASTMA has confirmed that two officers who are guilty of gross misconduct are set to face disciplinary sanctions over their involvement in a bribery case. They further claimed that a total of six officers have faced such actions from September  to December , in the past year.

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