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Lagos State Shuts Down Hospital Over Patient’s Death

by Austin Areh
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Our decision to become elements of positive change must revolve around our ability to act in very proactive ways when situations that call for a swift decision making process arises, especially when it concerns lives and in some cases properties. This act or expression highlights being your brothers keeper because we are all the same simply because we survive on thesame oxygen which is freely given, even though we know the life that we live is truly borrowed and the only thing we can take out is building a legacy that can survive bigger than life.

Such knowledge can propel the intensive refining of ones self to accommodate the nature and diversity in other people that we come across on a daily basis, as we keep chasing our various dreams in life. For example, the danfo driver needs his conductor to tell him when to over take or slow down to pick up passengers, he in return needs the bus driver to move the bus from one point to the other, they actually both need the passengers because they have to make some money and overly , the passengers need the driver to take them to different destinations in Lagos and the passenger to give them information about bustops and in many cases, help the Jolly just come (JJC) who only knows the name of the bustop, but not the physical location, this means that, we all need ourselves in the course of life and every one is truly important.

The value placed on lives is very important and many cases of women loosing their lives due to complicated processes from certain hospitals will finally get some checks and balances, it has been reported that the Lagos state government has taken proactive steps to shut down Medville Global Health Center at Ago Palace way in Okota, Lagos , this comes  after a man accused the hospital management of causing his wife to die via a child birth process.

To further clarify on the situation , a statement released by the Executive Secretary of the Health Facility Monitoring and Accreditation Agency (HEFAMAA), Abiola Idowu, states that  preliminary investigations carried out by the team revealed that the hospital was not registered with HEFAMAA, and that it had inadequate personnel which led to the unfortunate situation. In his words  “The decision to shut the facility, located at Ago Palace Way in the Okota axis of the state, followed an investigation by the agency after one Chibuike Nwachukwu accused the hospital of incompetence which resulted in the death of his wife , Vivian , during childbrith”.



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