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Lagos State Justifies Auctioning Of Impounded Vehicles

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Following the order to auction vehicles that were impounded for some traffic offences, the Lagos state government has given reasons why the decision was made. This was expressed by the Senior Special Assistant to Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu of Lagos State on New Media, Jubril Gawat.

The auction of these videos have spiked a lot of comments and feedback, most of which were posing the government’s decision as a hard one to have made. These comments followed the post of different videos of vehicle owners howling while their vehicles were being auctioned.

Mr Jubril Gawat has however taken to justifying the action of the government in a tweet he made on Twitter titled; “FACTS about the Lagos State Auction Process that happened yesterday”. He stated that the action did not contradict the provisions in the laws of the state.

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He stated that most of the cars had been seized for traffic offences and should have been gotten back by paying the fines. He said the owners however abandoned the vehicle, leaving the government with the only option of auctioning it.

He tweeted; “The Lagos State Task Force in collaboration with the Lagos State Ministry of Justice auctioned 134 forfeited and abandoned vehicles at the Taskforce compound in Alausa, Ikeja.

“The role of Lagos State Task Force is to carry out an enforcement exercise which is confiscation of vehicles for traffic offenses, and handing them over to the MOBILE COURT (with evidence) for Judgement.

“Some of the cars being auctioned here were confiscated Not for ONE WAY Alone, there are other offices that attract just a fine but some people run away from the Court Process, that’s why they have been forfeited to the State Government after the stipulated period (BY LAW).

“The Coordinator of The Lagos State Special Offenses Mobile Court was present at the Auction venue, she says exercise is seamless and well organized and also disclosed that all 134 vehicles on display had gone through due process of the COURT OF LAW before being forfeited.

“Taskforce says auction exercise is to desist the public from committing crime or traffic offences as no one would be spared if found wanting. He says he hopes that this exercise would serve as a deterrent to other road users who are fond of driving against traffic.


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