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Kosoko Family, Oloja Condemn Inaccurate Portrayal of Adamu Orisha, Eyo In Gangs Of Lagos

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Adesua Etomi and Tobi Bakre in Gangs of Lagos

The Royal Family of King Kosoko and the Chieftaincy Family of Oloja in Lagos have denounced the egregious misrepresentation of the culture and heritage of Lagosians in relation to Adamu Orisha and Eyo in Amazon Prime Video’s Gangs of Lagos.

Prince Abiola Olojo-Kosoko, in a statement, expressed his family’s opposition and disapproval of the depiction of Adamu Orisha and Eyo as deities that wield guns and promote violence.

He further stated that such a portrayal suggests that these cultural icons are used as tools for gaining power and control in society, which is untrue and a misrepresentation of their true significance.

The Oloja-elect, who issued the statement, Saturday, in support of the steps taken by the Aloworo of Eyo, who is the Akinsinku of Lagos, elders, and entire Lagosians, pledged the palace’s support in seeking redress over the desecration of Lagos people’s culture.

“The King Kosoko Royal Family and the Oloja Chieftaincy Family of Lagos, condemn in totality the movie called, The Gang of Lagos, for using the Adamu of Orisha and the Eyo paraphernalia in a way that does not depict the true history and spirit behind Eyo Play.

“The King Kosoko Royal Family and the Oloja of Lagos Chieftaincy families will join hands with the entire people of Lagos whose pride and heritage have been desecrated to fight with all legal and traditional means to call those involved to order.

“The Aloworo of Eyo, who is the Akinsinku of Lagos, and all the other elders in Lagos, have been responding to the gross misrepresentation and they are waiting to take other necessary steps, which have been put together by the entire Lagosians whose heritage has been given a bad name. The Kosoko palace and family are full with them in this regard,” the Oloja-elect said.

Restating the facts, Prince Kosoko said Adamu Orisha is only staged to traditionally usher departed souls into the realm of the dead and not for social engagements. “There is nowhere in the history of Lagos where Eyo is seen carrying a gun or machete. The only object that Eyo carries is Opambata, the beautiful white regalia to cover its body, and the Aga (hat), all of which made it a special deity with a reference point, which Lagos State as a whole is known as an insignia to promote culture and tradition. Unfortunately, somebody has come to use it to promote gangsterism. We would fight and prevent this from continuing,” he said.

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Meanwhile, the King Kosoko Royal Family and Oloja Chieftaincy Family of Lagos, home and abroad celebrated the anniversary of the 151 years passing of the revered former King and Oloja of Lagos, Oba Kosoko.

This year’s celebration themed: The Reminiscence was held at the historic King Kosoko Palace/Memorial Museum, Ereko, Lagos.

In a statement by the Consultant on Media and Publicity to the Oloja of Lagos – elect, Prince Abiola Olojo – Kosoko, the celebration will be marked with Traditional, Christian and Muslim prayers. The general public is, hereby, invited to the celebration.

The late Oba Kosoko transited to the world beyond on April 15, 1872, and was buried on April 25, 1872. He reigned between 1845 and 1851 as Oba of Lagos, and later became the Oloja of Lagos, after returning from Epe.

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